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For the small business with a big mission

SEO + Design services

strong brands

For the small business with a big mission

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Through intentional and strategic search engine optimization best practices I help small business owners leverage their organic search potential within Google. We're all about sustainable and long term results over here, not a fleeting moment in the social spotlight.

94% of users search Google to find a local business. 

Let's make sure they find YOU.

Online growth & increased traffic made simple

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Search engine optimization is so much more than data, numbers, trends, and strategy. It’s about people. It’s about understanding your brand so well that you market it in a way that Google finds to be undeniably valuable. So much so that they place you higher in their ranks. The beauty of SEO is that it's about providing value and relevancy, something we can all appreciate when looking for an answer to a question or need we have.

We love helping all small businesses succeed, but have a soft spot for:


When was the last time you looked beyond the first few results of Google to find what you needed? 

Aestheticians | Permanent Makeup Artists | Med Spas | Massage Therapists | Website Designers | Interior Designers | Realtors | Wedding Photographers | Event Planners | Electricians | Landscapers | YOU!

It's time to get up close and personal with your website, it’s technical health, directories and beyond to give you a full work up on what needs SEO help and how to make suitable adjustments. I dive in and breakdown the core pages of your website and outline the top optimization opportunities I see for you based on your target geographic area and your competition.

If you aren’t sure what your website needs, how to increase your online presence, know how to conquest competitors, or which pages of your site users are even exploring and beyond, I have you covered!

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1: SEO Audit

2. SEO Copy Creation

SEO copywriting is a strategic service tailored to each business owner and their services and products. We aim to enhance your online presence by crafting compelling content that fosters deeper engagement among readers. Simultaneously, we ensure optimization for search engines like Google, aligning content with algorithms to improve page rankings.

This dual approach not only helps connect you to your target audiences but also enhances visibility, ultimately driving traffic and boosting the online performance of your businesses.


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3. Ongoing SEO

If you’re ready to scale your business and make your website work for you, recurring reporting and ongoing strategy is the most effective way to get you there.

With multiple tiers available depending on the size of your website, level of strategy, and your comfort navigating your own website, ongoing SEO is structured to target your ideal client, grow your organic footprint, and improve your website health all around.

From content development, auditing, reporting, and more, this is the ultimate way to grow your organic footprint. 


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- CASSADY OF Cove Crafted Beauty & Injectables

She is meticulous in her research and fully immerses herself into the topic at hand. It was so great to work with someone who was as excited as I was about the launch of my website! Her writing truly captivates an audience. I am extremely pleased with my website & feel that it stands out from the crowd because of Gaby's work! I would not go anywhere else!

"Working with Gaby is like hanging out with a good friend. She is kind, genuine, and funny!"


“Gaby gave my site a much needed refreshment! she was very personable and had creative, helpful suggestions. she’s an SEO queen!”

"Add another client success story here. Call out something exciting for the reader to skim."

kind words kind words kind words kind words kind words kind words 


Why SEO?

In today's hyper-connected world, where everyone and their grandma turn to Google for answers, having a solid SEO strategy isn't just a nice-to-have. It's a must-have for any business looking to thrive online.

Think of SEO as the ultimate matchmaker between you and your customers. It's like whispering sweet nothings into Google's ear, convincing it that your website is the answer to all of life's burning questions. And trust me, when Google falls head over heels for your website, it's like hitting the jackpot – suddenly, you're showing up on the first page of search results, attracting clicks like bees to honey.

SEO is your golden ticket to getting noticed, building credibility, and growing your business organically.


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